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6 Steps Toward Competitive Intelligence Optimization

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your competitive intelligence function with this 6-step guide.

A fully optimized competitive intelligence function can provide huge value to your company, often increasing productivity by 450%.

It takes time and planning to execute an optimized competitive intelligence plan, but the payoff for the time invested will offer big results.

In our new guide, we share the six steps that will move you along the path toward having an optimized competitive strategy and discuss a way to execute that strategy. Start seeing value from competitive intelligence sooner with a clear path to success.

In this guide, we will:

  • Assess your existing competitive intelligence capabilities
  • Outline the desired end-state for your competitive intelligence function
  • Strengthen your core competitive intelligence team 
  • Create recommendations and a competitive intelligence roadmap
  • Discuss how to drive a successful implementation of new competitive intelligence processes
  • Detail the process for measuring, monitoring, and refining your competitive intelligence function over time

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